i was supposed to go cycling today, it was a fixed bristol thing. i got sundayitis; by the time i had thought about it was too late really, and i wanted to stay in bed and i hadn’t changed my pedals or anything like that. time, events, inertia conspired against me.

instead i went to town to try and buy things; namely trousers, but also a pocket radio for cycling to work, despite the fact that i am not really cycling to work right now. i have a vague idea that it might make the commute that bit more palatable.

whilst browsing through the electronics section i was reminded again of how the days of artifacts are numbered. it seems anachronistic to buy a CD, and that the tectonic world of things, of tangible objects, is shifting inexorably. music and films are digitised; maps are multi-layered things that augment reality, and now books are slowly being subsumed into the ether.  with their inevitable slide into a virtual diaspora will vanish forever the feeling of pages between fingers, the concrete sense of the lifespan of an object – the act of holding a well-thumbed penguin classic and wondering at the narrative behind the book, the story outside that’s linked to the story within.

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