i have hereby decided that i must start commuting/training properly again after a bit of a layoff. to this end i went to the track on sunday and it was great fun. cycling indoors in this weather is absolutely perfect. with renewed focus  i got up stupidly early on monday, left the house at 6.30 to be confronted with a temperature of -7, which was a bit much, but there were also frost pockets where it felt even colder. the roads were treacherous and i felt like a frightened horse on an ice rink, except not quite as steady on my feet.

in response to yesterday’s alaskan summer, this morning i decided to double up on the tights front; winter bibs and 3/4 length spring bibs over the top, sleeveless baselayer, merino baselayer, izumi long sleeve jersey, thick jacket, two pairs of socks, overshoes, acrylic balaclava, goretex skullcap, helmet, izumi cyclone gloves, cashmere regular gloves over the top. i felt pretty hardcore and it took me 20 minutes to get dressed, i looked like a cross between a cave diver and a ninja. . the ice was even worse today, glacial deposits at the side of the road, the lane to my workplace was lethal, one notable corner, the curse of many an inattentive driver or cyclist, demands particular respect, so i walked it. journey took a full 15 minutes longer than normal.

i feel virtuous.

in other news, picked up my club hillclimb champion’s trophy. although, when i say picked up, i mean turned up on my bike with messenger bag expecting a piece of tat, maybe plastic, only to given a huge silver cup from 1923 – the cycle-trader trophy, with an illustrious list of names. my time was the fastest for many years, which was grand. i had to get steve to take it back to his house, i shall pick it up at a later date and post a picture of me grinning like a simpering, vainglorious idiot.

apparently it’s going to snow like it’s never snowed before this evening. here’s hoping i’ll be building snowmen as my line of work tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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