i had a fall on monday cycling to work. generally it was fine, the roads were gritted, it was cold but i felt good on the bike. however, near work i have to go along a country lane for about 2 miles or so. it got trickier and trickier. i fully expected to be walking down the last hill, that’s something i regularly do because it’s an ice blackspot – on one occasion last winter i saw a car neatly, and very slowly, pirouette in an almost elegant and perfect circle – but it wasn’t this bit that got me. on a slight incline i lost traction on the rear, it slipped a few times, then suddenly the bike went. it’s odd, because there is no grip at all, you go straight down and it hurts. i caught my ankle trying to unclip and felt a bit stupid, as a well as a bit nauseous. i walked the rest of the way. i left the bike at work that evening, i thought my light was broken – it transpires that it is fine after all – but i was glad to get a lift home. it’s frustrating, i wanted to get back into the swing of training again, push the mileage up to 150+, but the weather has completely scuppered my chances.

so, only one thing for it – get on the rollers.

rollers are fantastic in some ways – really good for balance and bike handling. they have their limitations, they can be noisy and you can’t adjust them. mine are a ropey old pair i swapped with a friend for a pair of older dura ace calipers; i think i got a bargain, but i have to wedge the bearing in at the back with an old till receipt on account of the hideous noise and off-centre rattling. nevertheless, they work well.

one day i may drag myself kicking and screaming into the land of the turbo-trainer….

but not yet.

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