And finally

Feel like i am finally getting back into cycling again, took ages though. still wrestling with the ice, G came off at the weekend, days after advising someone else not to ride with keys in pocket in case of an ‘off’, he found himself locked out on account of a bent and snapped set of housekeys. It was in a pucklechurch ice-field which proved too much for most of the club.

been riding gears today and yesterday – it has taken ten minutes off my commute at either end, on account of the descents i imagine, and the rolling over the top, it is more efficient. feels really odd though to be spinning up belmont on a compact, right down the gears, sat down all the way, when i normally attack it on a 72″. still, i think the base speed is probably very similar.

current mileage for january is standing at 400 miles, which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s a good base after a short layoff.i guess i’ll be building up to 800-900 mile months after this.

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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to say, I think your blog is great. I ride about as much as you do, maybe not quite as hard as you do, and I’m having my first winter off the fixed (my fork dropout snapped last year on a descent and I’ve not quite warmed to the idea of sitting on it again) so I’ve been geared for the first winter since 2008. But you remind me of the joy of an ice ride in the middle of January. I always think I should start a bike blog, but I never seem to get to it. If I did, I’d hope it’d be as much of a treat to read as this one is. If you ever find yourself in South London, or better still, the North Downs and the glorious Weald, I’d buy you a coffee near Winston Churchill’s house.

    Good luck.

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