after the icy near death of last weekend’s club run, discretion very much proved the better part of valour. there’s totally no point in overdoing it and coming off, then not being able to ride for 6 weeks or so. much better to do a hard interval, or simply read a book. the club went to the track and the session was brilliant. lots of drills, loads more accredited riders out to prove a point, so all good really. best drill was train and station; you spend a long time in the fast group and not long enough in the recovery line; a real workout in other words. 3 hour sessions are great, and it felt curious spending saturday night at the track.

i felt much stronger yesterday, rode the gears to work – it’s a bit quicker and that much more fun on the descents; you forget when riding fixed throughout the week the sheer delight and edginess of descending at high speed. not unlike this i guess:

well, nothing like that really, but it’s something to aspire to, 50+mph downhill, in the yellow jersey. cancellara is amazing.

starting to lineup the races with greener and others. a few TTs, gear up for the hill-climb season much later on (it’s at speedwell, i thought it was in gloucester, my error). return to ventoux is scheduled for first week in april, can’t wait.

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