first chaingang of the year; unexpected – other plans i had fell through so i went out with the club this morning. last time i went it was horrible, really genuinely unpleasant. this time it was much better. the rotation worked well and the two lines were paced evenly; people coming through were dropping back and it was easier to dose the effort and the recovery.

the 15 miles out to Aust were steady, followed by an absolute blast on the way back, average speed crept up and it was a lot harder. nevertheless, i clung on all the way and certainly feel it now.

here’s cambridge cc doing their chaingang; anticlockwise. we go clockwise.


21mph average.

32 miles.

the chaingang is hard work, there’s no other way of describing it; high intensity and at times very quick; it requires a certain level of fitness and a lot of willpower. it’s also a good way of gaining fitness; riding for 60 miles at an even pace doesn’t leave me as knackered as 32 miles at a brisk pace. it’s no club run – not much talking goes on at all, but when everything is rotating smoothly there’s a great feeling of (dis)comfort; effort, but calm; limited time on the front, short recovery.

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