Testing times

i didn’t really want to ride any great distance today, maybe just a pootle, soft pedalling round town. but in my infinite wisdom i decided to get the TT rig out of the cupboard where it’s been since the end of october and give it a runout in the dry. i’m thinking of doing the frome 10, so thought i should at least have a look. anyway, cue inordinate amounts of faffing around trying to get the right gear; i forgot it didn’t have a miche carrier/sprocket (so much easier to switch around) and it had a hideous big chaintool destroyer of a chain. end result, running 90″, should be good for a flat course with an average of around 25mph, hopefully on or around 90rpm. might need to go a bit higher though, but we shall see.

had a blast up the portway, impressed some chaps with a trackstand, followed by the slowest pedal away from the lights ever. the bars are slightly too low – the tuck brings my knees up to my chest, and the bike might be a tiny bit too small, but it feels really really comfortable, makes an awesome sound (i like to think like the helicopters at the beginning of apocalypse now) and goes like lightning. columbus neutron tubing is pretty darn light. it’s made by vernon barker, semi-lugless, and he’s done an amazing job.

i really like the cinelli angel handlebars too, sort of early modern, a nod to the changes that were coming, and again, very comfy.

“Neuron (0.7-0.5-0.7).  very sophisticated tubing, Columbus pulled out almost all the stops to make a lightweight 0.5mm tubing, using zone butting, elliptical butting, the works: lightweight, yet very stiff. still has a very devoted following among serious steel frame lovers”.

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  1. When is the Frome 10? Wouldn’t mind coming along to watch that. If it stays dry I’m going to to do the portway out to Aust on Tuesday, definitely not at chaingang pace though 😉

    1. pretty soon; not sure i’m down or not. definitely doing the severn 25 at the end of the month.

      the portway is good for a blast, but it’s not that scenic. at all.

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