somer valley hardriders

today i rode a hardriders event for the first time in ages. the events typically start early and involve some unmitigated hill-related violence. today’s abuse was further enhanced with the addition of a vile headwind. there are few things i loathe more than a headwind; chipping away at the very fabric of my soul and destroying morale with a relentless, invisible force. on the plus side, my campagnolo bib shorts are totally wondrous, and really protect the gooch.

i failed to observe a golden rule – don’t carry out bike maintenance the day before a race; hence threading the bottom bracket shell on my TT machine. i managed to link together several normally disparate swear words that i won’t repeat here. the end result was i had to ride the road bike, on the one day thus far when some serious aero-smut might have helped. i went off too fast, faded from there and had a dismal ride. oh well, it had to happen sooner or later – all these exponential performance curves were a false representation.

in other, cheerier news, i made a pinhole camera from an old matchbox, two 35mm films, a bit of a coke can and some black insulating tape. it came out well.

it provides moments of analogue beauty in a world of digitised madness.

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