Bristol Hillycat

The weekend just gone heralded a sort of twisted fixed wheel version of total wipeout. the hillycat is loosely based on alleycats, but takes advantage of bristol’s uniquely unpleasant topography by visiting 5 or 6 of the best/worst climbs in the city. the first hill was vale street, climbed from the bottom of park street. it’s said to be the steepest residential hill in europe. i can’t think what the gradient might be, but where it ramps up it’s pretty much unrideable. it’s certainly steeper than porlock.

other hills included granby street, with a perverse le mans style start on a pedestrian footbridge on top of a flyover; park street, redland hill (quite a pleasant incline) and marlborough street. the quarry steps rounded things off – and yes there were some steps.

it’s half social ride and half demented wacky races. people seemed to enjoy it. i liked it; and the cake afterwards was pretty special.

there’s a lot to be said for spontaneity, doing things for no particular reason, having fun, getting people together and eating cake.

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