Severn Road Club Hill Climb

Put simply, if the national champion manages 6th, then you know it’s a strong field. i scraped 11th place in the Hinton Hill climb. i can get my excuses in early for this one; a car stopped in front of me and i had to go around it; that cost a second or two, it also shook my rhythm to pieces. the hill was also too short, which is probably the main reason why i didn’t do that well. it was a blast upwards, a remorseless out-of-the-saddle set piece. i am pleased with my time given the context. it’s a bit of a reality check after last weekend, but i think i knew i’d always struggle on this one, at least it stayed relatively dry.

tomorrow the weather forecast is abysmal. i’m going to ride fixed, just for added hurt. mike and some other chaps from cheltenham are doing the Blenheim 100 sportive, it’s going to be a damp one, but i’m sure they’ll enjoy it. i can’t really moan about 3 minutes uphill when they’re tackling 8 hours of road riding and a serious amount of ups and downs, 2128 metres in fact: chapeau, and courage.

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