BSCC Burrington (the video nasty)

Simon Rouse (or simon rouse jr) of Severn RC took some video, a couple of things spring to mind… how far forwards i am on the bike when out of the saddle; i hope it’s efficient. if i was being generous i’d say my technique is similar to andy schleck. at least it looks like i’m going relatively quickly, and i didn’t drop my chain. gear choice looks good as well. go me. (3m 42s)

it’s worth watching from 1m16s as well; first graham catches chris mullet of gillingham; graham looks good on his 1955 cantiflex bates. then tejvan hurtles past, seated, going full gas. there’s always a bigger (read: thinner, faster) gorilla.

4 thoughts on “BSCC Burrington (the video nasty)

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  1. Hi pj (pj),

    I reckon that forward position is natural on a shallowish gradient. You’re essentially standing tall to engage various climbing muscles, but staying lower/out of the wind, whilst not risking wheelspin at the rear. Doesn’t really work on stuff >15%, and let’s face it, Andy Schleck doesn’t do much of that in the grand tours.

    Keep up the good up work,

  2. i think you might be right. it’s more efficient and natural – but looks different to most of the others gurning their way uphill – probably for a good reason.

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