RTTC National Hill Climb Championships

so it goes… the start sheet has appeared, and i’m off at 11.40. This puts me on a 10. most of the mega-quick riders appear to be stacked towards the end of the field of 150. the rest are seeded on 5 or 10, fairly equally, i think. although seeding for time trials can be notoriously difficult to work out.

“Officially the field is split in two (equal) parts and each is seeded 0&5, 7&2, 8&3, 9&4, 6&1. Ranking riders is a vaguer art than flat TTs – there were 33 riders with at least one victory on their form, and six hat-tricks. We split the field further up, precisely to avoid having the top riders bearing down on someone as they approach the line, but both halves have been seeded in the above order. Time will tell . . . .”

so there you have it, clear as mud. all i have to do is turn up, ride as hard and fast as i can, hope the catchers are on their game, then go home and eat cake for about 6 weeks solid.

the race is in ten days time, i’ve two hillclimbs this weekend up north; then it’s back down south for a taper, with a visit to dovers on thursday.


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