Putting on weight and cycling

it’s really difficult pretty much impossible to maintain race weight once the season has finished. this is due to a combination of things: no longer having the motivation to ride every single day at a high intensity and burn off the excess; the need to probably put on a few kilos over winter and get out of the lower reaches of the body mass index; and perhaps more pertinently, the uncompromising weather being a limiting factor.

i guess i could add to that the marked increase in the consumption of cakes and ale, not to mention the prevalence of the cheeseboard as a weapon of mass construction. i haven’t exactly done an elvis presley, but i have filled out slightly; up from around 67kg to about 71 or so. this is usually just the impetus i need to get back on the bike. however, the weather is an issue.

yesterday i went out for a main road perambulation. it was fun, but cold, and pretty dicey in places. my legs hurt and i realised just how quickly form can dissipate. nevertheless, it was great to see some of the heavy snowfalls down towards the mendips.

it is the last ride until next week; the christmas break takes precedence over all other things. i shall be building back up from january. i have also realised that pretty much anything is preferable to the dreaded turbo.

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