Spelunking (or: how i learnt to stop worrying and love neoprene overshoes)

cycling in winter requires specialist gear. having just read that sentence back, i am struck by its absurdity, insofar as cycling in any of the four seasons requires specialist gear, unless you regularly wear bib-shorts to the pub or round to meet the in-laws. however, cycling in winter requires a particularly esoteric and specific form of gear. one of the most frequently asked question by the new cyclist is ‘how do i keep my feet warm in winter?’ overshoes are the answer. i recently bought a new pair, they are mighty fine with a lime green inner lining and they keep my toes toasty for hours on end. the only downside is that when combined with a skullcap, buff, helmet, various forms of LEDs, reflective tags and armbands, multilayered gloves, i look like i am about to head into the void, searching out the watersource of an underground cavern. people at work find it hugely entertaining. i do not care. i am warm.

my new overshoes:

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