First Race: Frome and District

It’s far too early to be racing; that’s the general consensus. However, i felt the need to blow away the cobwebs and get some intensity before the season begins in anger in two weeks time with the Chippenham Hardriders. It’s often said that racing is the best training, so it was with that philosophy that i opted to ride.

the bike was a bit dusty, and the freewheel made a strange noise. i wore full tights and winter gear, pretty much. some hardy souls were in the thinnest of skinsuits. they were serious men, not given to feeling the cold.

the course was lumpier than bryan adam’s face with at least two hefty climbs; i’d say it verged on the ‘sporting’ side of things. theoretically, this should be good for me, however it’s almost the worst of both worlds, and just not hilly enough. i managed 23.54, it may have been ten or so seconds faster if i hadn’t had to wait for three cars at a roundabout. it’s also the slowest course i have ridden. all told, i am pleased. i will know more about my form in two weeks time, but this is a good start.

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