Paris-Nice – the Run to the Sun

Paris-Nice traditionally heralds the advent of the racing season in the form we know and love; continental stage-races. things have changed with the middle-eastern jaunts, and there will always be the early season classics, however, the Run to the Sun has pedigree.

In theory it starts at the beginning of the week in the inclement north, before ending on the sunday with a balmy sprint along the promenade des anglais. in reality, it’s often hosing it down and lethal, with barely an octet of blue sky in sight. this was the case yesterday, and it made for very exciting watching for the vicarious armchair rouleur.

remy di gregorio (nickname di gregoria, because it’s italian for domestique, and he’s seen as a bit of a domestique) took the win with a super breakaway, but not before a high speed wobble on a greasy white line as he sped away from the bunch. quite how kiserlovski ended up wedged underneath a truck is still open for discussion, but apparently the shock was so much that he forgot what country he was in.

here’s some brillant video with lovely dutch (flemish?) commentary – lots of ‘oh lorlorlorlor hophooy astana oonder der trocken’ – showing two of the wobblier bits. enjoy.

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