WTTA Hardriders

Today was the latest in a steep line of hardriders events, this one organised by the WTTA, they run the show around these parts. It was the same course as the one 2 weeks ago – the one where i wanted to climb off and vomit, before dragging myself round and hoping for the best and ending up in 9th. today was much better, i found another 2 minutes of pace, beat someone else by one second, and bagged fifth place. for that i can’t complain.

i now have a weekend off, which is what most people have every weekend. alarmingly, and in line with Michael Hutchinson’s column in the comic, i have taken to referring to days not spent on the bike as ‘rest days’, even if these involve a 12 hour epic at work. this would imply a slight shift in priorities or focus. belle was both tickled and aghast at this prospect, i think, and with good reason.

this week I am trying to factor in my days off carefully; i have no races next weekend, and also a three day ‘block’ when i will be in paris walking arm in arm through the lamplit streets. i will not be on the bike. an enforced rest is probably a good thing, but i need to keep form ticking over and weight down. the following weekend i have two events, and my 6th hardrider of the season. then it gets a bit nasty – several pretty vile hilly events (even more vile than the WTTA hillies), including one up north somewhere which offers up 3500ft of climbing in 36 miles. should be fun. i shall take the uber-light hillclimb machina.

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