Reaching ‘form’ in cycling

Today i did the Swindon Road Club Hardrider event. It is one of the most picturesque parts of the country, running out of Bishops Cannings and up to Avebury. as lovely as it is, the course is essentially a hill sandwich, two whoppers at either end of the parcours with lots of rolling stuff in the middle.

i was nervous, on account of yesterday’s exertions, and a feeling of deadness in the legs. but then felt also quite relaxed, I had an excuse if it all went belly-up, like a fair-won goldfish in a bag. in reality, i had a great day. i managed to shave a whopping 5 minutes from last year’s time and came 4th. the race included 1300 feet of climbing and i managed the course in 55.10. this puts me at just over the magical  25mph average. hardcore.

occasionally at races there is a simple phrase used to describe such-and-such a rider who is clearly on form, reaping the benefits of some dedication and hardwork and riding like a man or woman possessed: they are said to be ‘flying’, as in, ‘rob pears is flying at the moment’, or ‘alec dowsett is absolutely flying’. currently, i am as close to flying as i have been; and leon, another Tester who has a full-on ninja style outfit with visor and all sorts of stuff, said so. i was secretly very pleased. rob pears is always flying. as is alex dowsett who seems to have been taking time out of his continental schedule to ride some club open events, which warms the heart, even if he appears to putting around 3 minutes into the next best rider.

(a less quick day)

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