Every Cloud Engenders not a Storm

it was a rainy weekend.

i had two races to contend with, the first of these was a re-run of last saturday on the u47 at an ungodly hour. early starters got the best of the weather, it was dry when i rolled down the ramp at 7.33am, but the visibility was hampered by a gathering mass of darkness. there was also a vile headwind affecting progress to the turn. i scraped home 20.55, three seconds down on last week. i picked up my jacket and it promptly threw it down for the next hour and half, causing the cancellation of the race because of the dangerous conditions.

this morning’s race was a classic hardrider near cheltenham; super-fast descents on narrow roads, technical and difficult, with some savage climbs and one ridiculously long drag up to the finish. the field was very strong; but depleted by a raft of punctures caused by debris on the road. i felt good, the legs were strong, and it wasn’t the exercise in purgatory i was expecting. i managed 5th, completing the 23 miles in 59.13. that’s my 7th hardrider of the year, and the last one for a little while i suspect.

as a minor footnote, it’s always good to get a mention in the westmorland gazette.

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