Cakes and Ale (and cycling)

one of the joys of the club run is the cake stop and there is a long and healthy symbiosis between the worlds of cake and cycling. similarly, the pint of ale sits comfortably with the life of the touring cyclist, the beard, the spd sandals. however, when doing some serious pedalling, cakes and ale tend to be off the menu, which has pretty much been the case throughout the last 12 weeks, with the odd minor slip, whilst getting down to racing weight and in shape for the hardriders.

this week i have fallen right off the wagon and succumbed to the lure of all things cake-related, including a punnet of jaffa cakes, a sack of crisps and several bottles of finest kentish ale. this will continue through the weekend, before i knuckle down again in anticipation of a 50 and a 10 next weekend.

it’s important to have a breather from the constant and wilful ascetism of being (or aspiring, or attempting, or pretending to be) a racing cyclist, and not beat yourself up about it. this pursuit of glory is both helped and hindered by provision of the finest cakes known to all mankind, baked by belle.

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