Longer Time Trials; 50s and 100s

Things have gone a bit quieter lately; i’ve been eating quite a lot and not doing quite as much competing. it’s a slippery slope. however, tomorrow i have a ’50’, which is the first one i’ve ever done, and i’m gearing up for a ‘100’ at the end of June. it’s going to be a bit of trial and error, working out pacing strategies and not going off to hard, but aiming for evens. i haven’t changed my training that much, if at all, which may be foolhardy, but i tend to treat racing as training in a like-for-like manner. it felt weird putting a bottle on the bike.

here’s hoping the wind dies down and it’s floaty and nice. i am riding to the start, like in olden times, and home again. this is part of the training aspect. and partly because I have no car this weekend. it has been reclaimed by the rightful owner from the glamorous life of being a team car.

speaking of longer rides, mike and chums are nearing the end of their epic end-to-end endeavour. they have battled some serious blustery winds in valiant fashion.

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