50 mile time trials are really hard

following yesterday’s exertions I feel a bit wrecked today. i can only conclude that riding at pace for 2 hours is very difficult and not an entirely pleasant experience. there is a vague sense of achievement, but there is also a vague sense of being a bit broken.


in other news, i am organising an open 50 time trial on saturday. this merits a post all on its own. it’s a process fraught with difficulty, but some interesting things have emerged…

the CTT is anachronistic, not in a good or bad way. it’s like a grandfather clock, cumbersome, unwieldy, complex and yet somehow impressive that it still functions.

setting out a field is a bit of a nightmare. in fact, organising a time trial is a total nightmare.

the longer distance time trials attract veterans, almost exclusively. the field for the 50 has less than 20% of riders below ‘veteran’ age, and a significant majority are over 50.

i will write more when it’s all finished.

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