100 Mile Time Trials

I’m due to ride a 100 this weekend with 50 or so other (fool)hardy souls. it starts at an ungodly hour, with the first riding heading out of the gate at 5am. i’ve never ridden a 100 before; insofar as i’ve never actually ridden a 100 miles in one continuous go, even with a break for cake or tea. it’s uncharted territory. i’m confident that i can do it, but again, pacing will be the key to a success of sorts, or a resolutely unpleasant and lingeringly painful crawl back to the pavilion for cake and tea. with any luck the weather will brighten, the wind will be stilled and the sun will shine radiantly in the heavens – and the skies will be dotted with porcine angels.

Some facts and figures about the ‘100’

  • it seems long, but in comparison to the 12 or 24 hour it’s a gentle perambulation
  • the current record is held kevin dawson: 3 hours 22 minutes and 45 seconds; 29.59 mph; it equates to ten 20.20 tens in a row
  • ray booty rode the first sub 4 hour 100, on an 84″ fixed gear, in the resolutely non-aero world of 1956
  • dave keene of bristol south cc holds the 100 mile record for the tricicyle, of 4 hours and 1 second
a 'dead-turn' during the record breaking 100

my friend graham routinely spits out 400 and 600km rides, he’s a steady legged monster of the audax fraternity. this is a different beast, and it’s the riding at pace that does it. i’m looking forward to it, in a perverse kind of way, it’s an old-school distance, quaintly anachronistic, like most things time-trially. i shall load up on gels and take it easy away from the line.

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