Club Time Trials (and beating a national champion)

after work got in the way of my intended assault on the Lake yesterday,  i managed to get out and have a dig at the Dursley Club Ten. It’s on the graveyard, the most honest of lumpy courses, a full ten, and utterly nasty on the way back when the draggy bits always really really hurt. I was in a mega-hurry to get there and managed to forget my garmin, as a result i had to ride completely on feel, no nothing, no HRM, no MPH, sweet fanny adams.

anyway, i went off hard, as per usual. i’m now fairly confident that in a Ten i can ride at threshold for the length of time it takes, and as a result pull off a fast time. it felt horrible, i wasn’t sufficiently warmed up and felt like i was going too slow the whole time. the only strategy i could think was a simple one: if i kept in in the 53:11 i should be going fast enough. so i tried to keep it in the 53:11, changing down only for the nasty little draggy bits. incidentally, i managed a 21.35, which is a full 40 seconds lopped off my PB on that course. I was very pleased, it didn’t feel fast (!) but clearly was.

the story of the night for me though was that richard prebble was riding, he’s a legendary time trial figure and road racer. he has been the national champion many times over and adorned many pages of the cycling press, in brief:

National 10m TT Champion 1995
National 25m TT Champion 1994, 1995
National 50m TT Champion 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999
National 100m TT Champion 1998

that’s not even taking into account his road palmares. he is also a really really nice chap and took time to talk to me and stayed around afterwards for a bit. he has got a really amazing pinarello too. in fact, the guy is just a legend. the fact that i managed to beat him (by around 9 seconds) is neither here nor there, because he’s clearly just getting some fitness back for some reason, i didn’t press him on it, and when he does get that sort of form back you can guarantee that he will absolutely tear the legs off anyone, anywhere. he’d smile and be really nice about it though, probably say comforting words of encouragement.

the mighty richard prebble

cruncher was riding as well. i asked him if he was using the 115″ gear, thinking maybe he might gear down to something a bit lighter for the u7b. apparently not, he opted for a 124″, his ‘training gear’. holy shit. cruncher made this comment on an internet forum about richard prebble:

“I seem to remember from interviews back in the day that originally Richard was a touring/leisure cyclist who used to give his racing mates a good kicking when he went out with them, then he started doing some racing as as result and the rest is history. I did a training weekend with him and the local centre of excellence back in the day, he did not use the small chainring once during the whole weekend and we went up some good climbs. Never looked like he was trying at any point. When asked if the ever used the small ring he replied ‘ Maybe when I pop down to the shops…'”

form is temporary, class is permanent.

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