u47: fastest course in the west

i’ve been spending far too much time getting acquainted with a flat bit of dual carriageway between cricklade and cirencester. there’s not much to see there, apart from a smorgasbord of roadkill which always serves to remind me just how hard it is to repack an object once you’ve unpacked it.

the reason for this run of dates with tarmac is simple, it’s known as the fastest course in the west, and is possibly second only to the v718 up near Hull. however, in order for it to be fast, you firstly have to get there on a lovely day, with nary a breath of wind shaking the long grass, rising temperatures and low air viscosity.. any hint of fog or rain and it’s curtains. then you need to make sure the road is clear, and that there are no accidents. and finally, you have to make sure there are no wayward gangers, choosing the window of time between 7.57 and 8.13 to replace some shonky cateyes. the latter one scuppered today’s event.

today was the fifth cancellation… and made all the more irritating by the fact that everyone felt the incipient feeling of floatiness. none more than Alec, who had borrowed a disc and got a new front wheel and felt that today was going to be the day for his irst sub 21 minute ride. everyone was left frustrated and more than a bit annoyed, and suspicious of the highways agency – muttered whisperings of conspiracies did the rounds at the HQ, it’s a known fact they don’t want us using the course. i think it’s more just the way things go. i shall head back there for one last pop at a new PB for the season closes out, there aren’t that many events up there.

in the meantime, i came home, got the R5 out and tackled some Mendip climbs at high speed – dundry, blagdon, burrington, belmont. the next race is a hardrider, the first one for quite some time.

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