Did Not Start

the weather at the moment is eternally frustrating. it’s wet and windy, and most unlike summer. it’s far from float. this weekend i have been visiting M-Shed, the new Bristol museum by the floating harbour. it’s a fantastic place with lots of fascinating exhibitions and a narrative aimed at social history and the idiosyncratic character of different parts of bristol.

i watched hours of cycling; including yesterday’s stage up plateau de beille where the schlecks singularly failed to make any attacks stick, which was a bit disappointing. it seemed as though they didn’t actually want the gap, everytime it opened they let the others get back on. boring riding. we were promised fireworks and all sorts, we got a damp squib of anxiety-induced ennui, a sort of super-fast gruppeto.

i chose to DNS this weekend for both races. i didn’t fancy riding on dual carriageways in the pissing rain, with a vile headwind. instead i went to the pub with belle and drank ale. i had a rhubarb and apple crumble. i ate flapjacks. belle was supposed to be going on a cycling overnighter but the weather put paid to her plans. as a result there has been a glut of flapjack to eat. i have done my best.

i went out on the club run this morning, but it was vile and filthy, the lanes were a total grotfest. i chose to chip off early. such are the frustrations of shitty weather.

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