the small matter of a 100 miles

on sunday i am having my second crack at a 100 mile time trial. this is after the first one was cancelled due to fog. the weather looks like it will co-operate, and my form hasn’t vanished over the past three weeks – i managed a 21.37 at the Dursley 10 on the graveyard, second by a minute to Stu Dodd, no shame there. my legs still felt a bit heavy, in truth, but i was only a second off my PB on that course. still, riding a 100 will be a pretty different thing altogether. in my favour, i have at least ridden a 100 miles now – the first day of the tour sorted that one out.

i’m going to aim for a sub 4 hour ride, in one way or another. this means a pacing strategy slightly up on 25mph. i shall aim to go through each ten miles in 23.30, this gives me a bit of time to play with, and if feeling stronger after 60 miles or so i can up it a bit. in order to avoid being stalked by bonkzilla i shall take 4 energy gels, 2 energy bars and 2 big bottles of gloop. there are things i can say for certain, namely that it’s going to hurt and i’m going to be tired afterwards. beyond that, i really don’t know how it’s going to pan out. it’s an experience i guess…

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