turbo trainer

in short, i despise the turbo trainer. i absolutely totally hate it. i loathe riding a stationary bicycle indoors. it is utterly counter-intuitive and goes against all of the pretentious things i have said on these pages; how cycling is immersive, an interstitial space, all that mumbo-jumbo. doing a turbo session means having to find some other way to focus and shift your thoughts away from the mind-numbing tedium of pedalling hard on what sounds like a jet engine whilst staring at the wall. i think i’ve sat astride the bike on the turbo less than ten times.

today i drove to work on account of the filthy, vile, uncompromising and distinctly autumnal weather. this left me feeling edgy and down on bike hours. when i got home i hastened to equip the winter bike and got ready for a blast with some nasty hill repeats. i opened the door and noticed it was throwing it down with rain at a strangely horizontal angle. i am not sure how i failed to notice this. there was only one thing left, the dreaded turbo. i did a 40 minute session with a bit of warm up and a bit of warm down, and sandwiched in the middle were more than a few ‘micro-intervals’ with decreasing periods of rest. it was a really rubbish experience and i found it very hard to get my heart rate up.

i should have gone out in the wind and rain. sean kelly would have gone out in the wind and rain, for 5 hours, then when he got home he would have answered the question if it was too wet and windy to ride a bike. jens voigt would also have gone out in the wind and rain. i will never be either of these people. instead i will continue to be a fey dilettante with a nice coffee shop bike, slightly afraid of the rain, quick on occasion, at my quickest uphill, and my slowest downhill in the wet.

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