Technical problems: Campag 11 Speed

i decided to switch my wheels over from a set of 10 speed zipp 340s to some superlight planet x prior to tomorrow’s open hillclimb.   this would save around 400 grams, a not inconsiderable amount.

i had been reassured that 11 speed campag cassettes share the same spline pattern as 10 speed. this is true. however, in order to squeez in the extra sprocket campag have bedded the eleventh sprocket inwards. this is all well and good, unless your wheel is dished a bit, or just a bit unusual, in which case it catches on the hub body and turns your exciting 11 speed campag superlite hill monster into not much more than a botched-up, derailleur-eating fixed wheel.i think the same thing may happen with mavics. be careful out there, people.

back to the zipps, and less eating, whilst i think of a solution. (there isn’t one).

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