The Nick O’ Pendle, and other tall tales

it’s been a busy day, one of those days that is packed full of so much excitement that it feels like some time last week that i rode the Nick, when in reality it was this morning. the Nick O Pendle is a real hillclimb: steep, technical and challenging. it’s very different to the upcoming event on long hill.

not hurty enough

it was a painful day, but if anything, i held off a bit too much on the steep sections at the bottom of the climb, and could have hurt a bit more near the top. it was a bit of a judgement, i did ok, but there may have been a bit more there. next year i shall hit it harder and cling on.

real pain for my sham friends
Champagne for my real friends

so, it hurt. although i didn’t have quite the painface at the top; Carl Helliwell said i looked a ‘bit too good’, and he has a point, although i do tend to avoid the pain and vomit and black tunnel of narrowing darkness approach to shorter hills. Carl pipped me by two seconds, making it honours even for the weekend.

Tejvan took the win; his tenth from ten this season, although as i said to him afterwards, i’m sure he’d swap those ten for a single win next sunday. i don’t think he’ll have to. richard handley came second with Matt Pilkington third. Matt seemed to be having trouble working out which side of the road to ride on – this is bad form, but it wouldn’t have made any difference to the outcome. as an event organiser i don’t like to see reckless riding that jeopardises the safety of courses, and repeat running of events.

are we in france?

it’s been a good weekend, hard and fast (said the bishop to the actress). i feel just about ready for the National Flat Climb Championship next week. I am optimistic. i shall throw everything at it and hope for the best.

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  1. Hope you are well and it looks like you are having a good start to the season. Carl is very impressed as he has only done one race!!!

    Keep up the great effort with your racing and hopefully see you when the hill climbs start.

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