National Hill Climb Preparation

this week i don’t plan on doing anything majorly different. i think a gentle taper aligned to a concerted effort to stay at race weight should do it. this morning i spun the legs out with a ride around the hills north of bradford. it was grey and bleak, and the hills were challenging. there is a tough climb that heads up from thornton to queensbury, 2 miles with 563 ft of height gain – it would make a good hill climb course.

i did it a couple of times on a short loop. it was quite exciting, there is a lot going on in these parts.

an experience of utmost terror

i then took in perseverance lane, simply because of the name. i shall rest tomorrow by driving back down south, before doing a virtual hillclimb on wednesday on brockley combe, which is as close in profile to the National as i think i can find, i may have to do it twice though. then it’s proper taper, just some spinning, followed by a ride on long hill on the saturday, then it’s the big day.


One thought on “National Hill Climb Preparation

  1. Jonathan York October 30, 2011 / 11:20 pm

    Congratulations on a fantastic ride today at the National CC. Reckon you must be pleased? Well done!!

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