Besmirching an otherwise perfectly decent bicycle

I have put some tribar extensions onto my cervelo r5. i think i’d rather have them on there for tomorrow, when i ride the climb, than get there and regret it. i can always take them off before sunday. pragmatism wins, but aestheticism loses. it looks absolutely vile.

apart from fettling, i have been mostly wrestling with how to get super 8 footage from a camera onto a computer. it turned out to be a process of gradual digitisation, moving up through outmoded formats. firstly, i got the film processed in germany. then i got it transferred to a DV cassette. then i bought a cheap DV camera to convert the DV cassette so i could edit it. however, my new computer doesn’t have firewire, so i had to get a card bus adapter and a cable. i plugged it in last night and the whole thing worked straight away, which was a minor miracle. there is a cautionary tale in here somewhere.

so anyway, in contrast to a rather ugly bicycle, here is a rather pretty super 8 film, unedited. i will be hopefully shooting some super 8 at the national. it will take a while to get the film out though.

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