Reflect and Recharge

after a long cycling season it’s odd how suddenly there is no cycling to be done, no turning the pedals in anger, no more early starts or long drives. i’ve spent the past week eating heartily and having a drink or two. i have done some riding, mainly to work and back, but apart from that i’ve done nothing. My heartrate has remained low, apart from when i discovered a hidden stash of veggie percy pigs.

it’s the logical time to pause, reflect, and get some rest, before setting goals for next year. on the whole, the season has been a huge success, and i can safely safe that i’ve ridden further and faster than i ever imagine possible. i’ve improved my PBs in every event i targetted.

Event 2010 2011
Hardriders series 9th, 670 Points 4th, 705 points
10 Mile TT 22.38 20.47
25 Mile TT 1.01.47 52.15
50 Mile TT 1.58.11
100 Mile TT 4.11.30
Burrington HC 7.45 7.33

The turning point was at Yeovil in April where i rode a 21.18. this freaked me out – i’d attained my season’s goal in April, and realised that a sub 21 minute time was very much a a possibility. I think i may have ridden a faster ten than the 20.47 during a 25 on the same course later in the season, i went through the first ten miles in around 20.30. there is clearly some cautious grounds for optimism for next year. I have become a fairly swift time trialler or tester. I trained twice a day for an hour each time, riding 15 miles to work and back over a really big hill and i did lots of racing. this is what did it. i got close to the mythical 15 hours a week, and also managed to ensure that time on the bike was ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’. My early season results also gave me the confidence to ride much harder and really dig in. i became more aggressive and faster through worrying less about things beyond my control. fulfilling potential on the bike is as much about realising just how far you can push yourself as it is anything else.

for the next few weeks i am going to relax, try not to put too much weight on, go out on the club runs and in short, not think too much. it won’t be three weeks entirely off the bike, merely a bit of breathing space. after which i will start a winter training block, getting in the miles and developing the base, with some turbo work to get accustomed to the new bike. generally, these are my goals for next season, with a mark out of 10 for how achievable i think they are:

1. Ride a 19 minute ten mile time trial. I may have to go to Hull to do this. I will settle for a sub 20.18 which is the club record. I think i have a 60% chance of doing this.

2. Ride a sub 51 minute 25 mile time trial. this will require a trip to the Welsh course. If i can get below 50.51 then another club record is within reach. I rate my chances as 50/50

3. Go after the club 30 record. It’s currently a 1.5.12. I think i can get this on the right course and the right day. 8/10

4. Ride the National 10, 25 and BTTC. This will require some organisation but should be fun.

5. Go back to the Beacon Mountain Time Trial and ride it on a TT bike, aiming for a top ten.

6. have another crack at various lung-burning hillclimbs and hopefully win one.

i shall have a think about these over the next few weeks and maybe make some revisions. i think it makes planning for the season much easier if you have some clearly-defined goals. it stops you riding events that simply don’t suit.











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  1. Great progress this season! It’s inspirational to see you went from 22:38 to 20:47 in a 10 as my PB is currently 22:40 (2010 PB was 26:54). I’m hoping next season I can emulate your success.

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