Hacksaws Challenge

Fixed-wheel races, alleycats and general mayhem-inducing events are as popular as ever. yesterday saw the third ‘Hacksaws Challenge’. It’s an almost old-fashioned point to point race, the riders hurtle from bristol to bath and back, pushing as big a gear as they dare. i had planned to ride but my motivation took a nose dive since the National and I’ve also been struck down with a virulent cold/cough. i went along to watch instead, taking time out of my busy schedule of eating and drinking.

there were entrants from as far away as london’s famous london, lured no doubt by the lovely swag on offer. the prizes are always grand, in this case a musette from il soigneur and white duck for the top ten (stuffed with goodies, coffee and tea, ale) and a t shirt for every combatant.il soigneur’s musettes are lovely, especially the rather fetching tweed number.

charles coleman (adeo cadence) won, riding fairly old school, with an 84″ gear. Dan Burdbridge came second on a lovely Casati low-pro with ITM aerobars, and Kieran Ellis was third.

le mans start
molten handlebars
Calme avant tempete
hipster light blur

4 thoughts on “Hacksaws Challenge

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    1. awesome evening! I love the low key organisation and friendly bunch. I suspect I may have been the only rider stupid enough to mixit through the reds with no brakes. As a very respectable middle aged cyclist who normally does gears and traffic lights I was appalled ….no really ! ‘kin loved the excused to ride like my crazy teenager who’s bike I’d borrowed.
      cheers all
      graham norton

    1. hmmm…. on gears maybe, probably not fixed! your ride was a scorcher. great to see the casati being ridden in anger, you should roll up for some club TTs next year.

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