Mixing Groupsets

I’m doing some tweaking on my new TT bike. now is the season to be fettling. i had left it, thinking i’d do it later on, but the change in the weather has led to me reassessing my off-off relationship with the turbo trainer.

essentially, i want to run my campagnolo disc wheel with a sram groupset. the reason i want to do this is because it’s the cheapest solution. therefore, i need to switch out the sram shifters with a set of shimano bar-ends instead. you can run sram with shimano. you can sometimes run campag shifters with sram cassettes. but generally, you run into noisy, clunky, shifty problems when attempting to introduce campagnolo to anything else that doesn’t have tullio’s seal of approval.

this is the bike:

purest smut

i’ve got a red one. it’s even faster because it’s red; this is a well-known fact about red bicycles. anyway, the red one is much cheaper because ‘the finishing kit’ is a lot cheaper, although the frame is exactly the same. i’ve got a hed 3 trispoke on the front. it came with a set of mavic aksiums which are perfect for training and/or turbo usage. the frame is fantastic, with hidden front and rear brake calipers, internally routed cables (behind the stem, where the air is already ‘dirty’, or so they say).

i bought it from echelon cycles in pershore. i highly recommend this bike shop. the proprietor is a really lovely chap called Tim, who races a bit as well. they couldn’t have been more helpful. i was also swayed in my decision to get this bike by Jeff Jones, who said it’s one of the fastest bikes he’s ever ridden, and that is was ‘fast right out of the box’, i.e without 100 hours of adjustments and faffage. i can’t wait to ride it in anger. i’m going to be seeing to my position and getting in some turbo hours between now and march. i will review the bike properly in the new season.

so anyway, it’s now a crazed hybrid, shimano, campagnolo and sram altogether in one ungodly mix. i currently have one sram and one shimano lever on there, which is horrific, but I am tempted to leave it like that just for bonus points when i turn up to the first race of the season. when you mix shimano and campag it’s sometimes called ‘shimergo’ (because of campag ergolevers). i don’t quite know what to call this miscegenated mishap… shrimpagnolo, srampagnomano, crampagano… it’s going to upset the purists whatever happens; those who would sooner eat a dead pigeon taken from the soles of the feet of one sick with the plague, than ride shimano.

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      1. Haha. That’ll save you about 200 grams in weight so you’ll fly. In theory you wouldn’t need cycle shoes either as you could just tie the crank arm to your ankle and save about a kilo. Try it!

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