Crud Catcher Mk 2 vs SKS Race Blades

there’s a pretty large gap in the market for a mudguard that can bodged onto a frame that doesn’t have mudguard eyelets or bosses. unfortunately there’s not a similar sized gap between the fork crown and wheel. crud catchers are quite popular on the club run. i have a winter bike, but wanted to find some way of using my old summer bike in winter, so have been experimenting with ‘mudguard solutions’.

if looking for some sort of winter saver for your ass, then you have 3, or possibly 4 choices.

1. get a winter bike. use winter bike. problem solved completely. make winter bike fixed wheel for extra kudos and old-skool points.

2. try sks race blades. i have tried these. they keep your ass dry but not your feet, and unfortunately deposit all the mud on the back brake. they generally last ok but can slip and move around a bit. i used to have to gaffer tape the clips. they spray the person behind you.

not my bike. SKS race blade in situ.

3. try crud catchers. i have tried these. they keep you dry, in the main. however, they rub and make all kinds of noise and don’t stay put and don’t work satisfactorily with anything else other than an ultra narrow 18mm tubular tyre. they are frustrating to fix in place, not that they can be fixed in place. they are, in short, awful.

Not my bike. Cruds in situ.

4. some sort of miraculous bodge using p-clips and proper mudguards, like they would have done back in the days of yore.

to summarise, i would avoid crud catchers like the plague. i would prefer to get horribly filthy than ride with these shonky pieces of plastic shit. rumour has it that SKS are putting out a ‘race blade long’. i am optimistic that this just might be the solution to my woes.

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  1. Sks are bring out a race blade long, in about march !!! They have a funny attachment that leaves they brake exposed to all manner of winter shite. Zip ties, p clips and a bodge is the way to go.

  2. The current mudguard solutions are in general not satisfactory.

    I run one front crud catcher and it’s ok for a wide range of values of ‘ok’. But there isn’t enough clearance to run a rear one. I used to have a rear one (Zefal?) that clipped to my seatpost but it died. It was only good for keeping your butt dry – utterly useless for protecting anyone behind you from mud off your wheel.

    I realise this doesn’t help.

  3. it does help, insofar as it adds weight to the ‘cruds are shit’ argument.

    i found the rear crud marginally less irritating than the front one. the front one had me cursing and threatening to snap the little bastard in two unless it was more ‘compliant’. they are both now in the bin, the rear has paid a heavy price exacted by the front’s intransigence.

  4. I don’t agree that the cruds are that bad. My situation is I’ve done 600 miles or so since fitting cruds (Mk2) and have had no problems whatsoever. My bike is a 2011 Cannondale Synapse and I have 28 wide Continental Gatorskins fitted. The Synapse has larger clearances than most so there is plenty of room even with my ‘huge’ tyres. Protection around the chainring is also excellent.

    1. i’m glad you have had a positive experience with the cruds. as i understand it the 2011 synapse has eyelets for full mudguards, large clearances and long drop brakes which may explain why you are able to fit cruds with no problems. if i was you, i would fit full mudguards.

      on a road bike with tight clearances – their intended recipient – they are not fit for purpose.

      1. The Synapse indeed has eyelets but the provision is a bit half baked in that the width between the forks is too small to fit a proper mudguard hence I ended up with the cruds.

        I’ve also fitted cruds to a Boardman Team bike but had to modify the rear one so that it would fit – clearance of 2mm between brake and tyre was a show stopper. In that case I split the guard so that it didn’t go under the brake caliper. Being honest it wasn’t the best of fit even then but the chainring protection piece fitted well. I’m told by the owner that after fitting some newer 25 width tyres the cruds no longer have any fit issues.

        Of course each bike is different and whilst I like the cruds they are no a one size fits all solution. In my case they work perfectly out of the box and in my friends, they had to be modified to fit.

      2. crudguards: perfect for an eyeletted bike that won’t take full mudguards!

        design issues… doesn’t help that i was trying to fit a mudguard to a bike that wasn’t designed to take mudguards.

        roll on raceblade longs! in the meantime…

        winter bike

  5. Sorry to disagree but I put my Crud Mudguards (2) on my Lynskey road biek 2 years ago, and have ridden it nearly every day here in Seattle with absolutely zero issues. Honestly, I haven’t even touched them. The coverage is superb, they weigh 150 grams, what’s not to like?

  6. God PJ you idiot 😉 Me too though, while they did not rub (unless you touched them) I went through a few sets before I gave up as they were just to fragile- maybe mud build up in the small gaps until they were torn off the bike.
    I just like the old raceblades. Put the screws in em to keep em fixed and live with wet feet.

  7. Bought a pair of Mk 2 Cruds last winter not the best, but whats better? Once there on they look fine, but out on a decent ride I was constantly stopping and adjusting them [ get a piece of mud in them and it takes ages to clear.

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