New Year’s Resolutions (bike-related)

i’m not sure if i’ve ever really stuck to a new year’s resolution, but i think it’s important to probably run up a few, just because. i’m avoiding anything to do with racing, these tend to take care of themselves. the list below is more abstract, but probably more important.

1. get to grips with my commute; extend it a little bit in the mornings to include dundry and belmont.

2. only eat one enormous bar of chocolate per week, rather than per day.

3. take a deep breath and avoid fits of unceasing rage when confronted with a stubborn allen key bolt or crank arm.

4. take a deep breath and avoid fits of unceasing rage when confronted with a near death experience from a homicidal car driver.

5. continue to enjoy the bicycle for what it is, a source of constant amazement and happiness.

6. embark on a short saddlebag-tour into the welsh hills and mountains.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions (bike-related)

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  1. some good resolutions there! I wish you well with them.
    i have some similar (bike related) ones. will need to get them up on the blog soon – as january is pushing on and perhaps its a good thing to write them in public – might make them easier to stick to!

    1. not sure putting them in the public eye makes them easier to stick to, it certainly makes it more spectacular when you fall off the wagon though. that’s a triumph of sorts. i think i’ve had some marginal cycling rage already this year… oops.

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