Extreme Wind

i rode to work this morning as a start to the new year’s training regime. it was a 17 mile stretched commute with a couple of horrible hills. i felt a bit tired, and the headwind was quite stiff, but generally i survived the experience. strangely i forgot my helmet. this was because i put my merino skullcap on, then my bag, and forgot my helmet. i guess i looked like some sort of medieval monk. i was listening to the bike show, a PBP special (listen here) hearing brave tales of epic derring do by crazed audaxers riding a billion miles in 60 hours made me feel slightly ashamed.

Opperman, 1931 Paris-Brest-Paris

anyway, enough. i was planning to ride home slightly further as well, but it was too much, the wind was way too strong and i felt pretty unsafe. it was as strong and hectic as the wind has been for some time. i cut it short and headed home, hands on the widest bit of the drops. i was also getting a bit knocky, having cut down (read: stopped eating at christmas levels) on scran.

here’s hoping it’s calmer tomorrow. this belgian weather is good for belgians.

3 thoughts on “Extreme Wind

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  1. snap……we both braved the elements that ride home was something else dropped it down to 50 x 19 on the mtb and kept revving…..with the occassional scary switch to stop me from heading into the somerset levels water ways! Tomoz looks equally fun but a 28mph tailwind is always welcomed at 6.30am! keep up the good work and keep it steady ….

  2. indeed my ride home was a bit bonkers – the wind riding past the Filton airfield was insane, had to proper hunker down on the drops to minimise it – coupled with the rain which was being thrown at me so hard it felt like hail made for pretty tough progress.
    What was amazing was on the short parts with a tail wind, I would occasionally match the exact windspeed and the wind totally dissapears, as if riding in a bubble with a tempest going on around you

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