Base Club: Lactic Hell

Base club today was very similar to last week: out to clevedon, along the flats, over the mendips and back home. it was a fixed wheel blast without the heinous blusteriness of the last few days, and everyone riding well. apart from me – i’ve ridden a lot this week so was having trouble with lactic acid in my leg muscles, I seemed to be operating at a much lower threshold than normal. it’s time for a rest day, perhaps today should have been the rest day, not that it makes a lot of odds.

belle bought her new bike. it’s a trek lexa, and it’s very nice. a full review will follow, based on her comments. i am not going to attempt to ride it, it’s rather small. she got it from strada cycles in bedminster. i cannot recommend these chaps highly enough; support your local bike shop!

elsewhere, i saw a cat attack and kill a rat. it was a spectacular demonstration of the savagery of life in bedminster.

Steve objects to being "papped"
Shadows on the wall
the grupetto crests the M5
Trotterz did well today, once he'd eaten 5 energy gels for breakfast
i liked the shadows from the low winter sun
more shadows
and more.
Kieran was struggling a bit today. not that it was evident.
this dog appeared to be driving this truck.
belle's new bike
something had to give, in this case it was the rat.

3 thoughts on “Base Club: Lactic Hell

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  1. Think I saw you guys cycling up over Ashton Court this morning just before 9am as I was jogging down to ‘parkrun’ with the wife. Recognised your black TDO jerseys but only once we’d passed each other. Not sure what I would’ve said if I’d realised earlier – “alright, bike blog bloke!” Would’ve been a bit weird!

    1. ha! spotted! i realised we were going to clash with the park run which could have been a bit hairy; how far is the loop? My mum goes to the original park run in leeds. she loves it. it’s such a great event.

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