The Dark Side of Strava

After a bit of a rush of excitement i’ve now experienced the flipside of the web’s hottest new bike gps jazz app party. when you’re having a really off-day like today, i.e, when your legs fill up with lactic acid at the merest molehill and crush any attempt to ride tempo, it serves to remind you that you are much slower than you once were, last season when at a peak, or even last week, or yesterday, when not tired.

there are also some stupidly fast times on there. anyone trying to beat the mark on burrington combe might want to consider that danny axford’s time (and alec’s) were set during the Colin Carfield Road Race where James Dobbin, the twice national hillclimb champion, decided to take the race and all contained therein by the scruff of the neck and see if he could annihilate them in 7 short, hilly minutes. he succeeded. so hence, the times are very fast.

and as bob said in a comment yesterday:

there are a couple of climbs in the Bath area you might struggle to beat – only because my GPS was in the car at the time and I don’t know how to delete routes from Strava. So apologies for anyone trying to average 59.4km/h from Bitton to Bristol on the A431. Sorry.

so to sum up: today = very tired, small ring, spin spin spin, no get up and go, thighs of misery.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Strava

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  1. Pop a chill pill asap! No two days are ever the same ………………I have just experienced that on my SRM Ergo bike think you are flipping the dogs bolloxs on the road one minute do an ergo session of high intensity and realise you are crap as white Y fronts! The up shot of all of this is you know where you are and what you have to do but S L O W L Y!!

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