The Race Blade Longs Have Arrived!

Pretty much as it says in the title: the holy grail, the missing link, the ark of the covenant, all three of the above in one glorious triumvirate. or to put it another way, the fastest way to convert your blingety blong roadbike into a hapless, cowshit-encrusted winter hack.

the only problem is i haven’t got time to try them out, or photo them, or review them until Friday because tonight i’m going on an archaeological mission to a venerated BSCC club member’s house to look through copies of cycling weekly dating back to the 1920s. this is all part of a hush secret research project. I’m also looking at his memorabilia, which is also part of a hush secret, on the QT, never never, black ops project.

so many exciting things, so little time…. hold tight readers! all will be revealed!

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