Sunday Sunday (recovery ride)

today is a rest day. however, it didn’t preclude me riding the bike for a couple of hours with Belle. We went out on a small loop around the countryside at a sedate pace. i tried to factor out the hills, although that’s quite tricky around this area. Belle’s bike is a trek lexa SL. it’s new and a great piece of kit. I was riding my steel framed condor with the addition of my spangly new race blade longs.

it was lovely to ride at a sedate pace, nowhere near the lactate threshhold, with no sense of what i should or shouldn’t be doing to cloud the experience or tip things into a relentless training thrash. as a result, i was able to look around even more than usual. it was fantastic. belle enjoyed it, and she only stuck it into the granny on one occasion where the road pitched up in a most undignified fashion. i took lots of pictures. it was also nice not to be dropped by a fellow cyclist and left to cling on at the back.

the amazing gothic orangery
the tree and the raptor
in close-up, as close as i dared get to the talons
a skeletal tree
the view across to wales, with people in the middle ground
belle on her new bike
tales of the unexpected

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