When is Base Club not Base Club?

when it’s a a bit of a sufferfest with 5 chaps who need to be home by eleven at the latest otherwise the dinner’s in the dog. yesterday’s usual loop was scheduled to be a bit quicker and it turned out to be the case. we blasted along the main roads, up belmont, out towards portishead before looping out along two mile hill and then back via brockley combe. we took turns on the front and generally hammered it out. ended up doing about 40 miles at a 19mph average, with a lowly 1700ft of climbing. i didn’t even take my camera.

we are trying to think of a new name for base club now that it’s clearly no longer ‘base club’. steve suggested ‘build club’, which went down like a pork chop in a synagogue, but he insisted on the factual accuracy, referring to the cycle of base-build-race. i suggested ‘pace club’, kind of like base club, but with pace. i fear build club may stick in the absence of anything better.

first race is in 20 days time. first hardrider is in 34 days.

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