Cycling Clothing for Cold Weather

it seems colder today. it’s the kind of day when you shouldn’t really go out on the bike, not because it’s cold, but because it’s really icy. i ventured out onto the main roads in an attempt to keep the mileage up. it seemed fine. there were some glacial bits at the sides of the road, but nothing too scary in the middle.

this kind of weather is a challenge. i wear the following items:

– two pairs of gloves, pearl izumi cyclone outer and sealskin merino liners; great for keeping the fingertips warm, although even then it takes a few miles to warm up.

– endura equipe neoprene overshoes; as toasty as it gets, especially with winter socks, i got a job lot from decathlon but can recommend these from prendras.

– dhb bib longs, i think they’re roubaix, but nothing much more than that. they seem fine, although when it’s extremely cold i have been known to put bib shorts on over the top

– a buff. mine is from shutt velo and i like it very much. i am tempted by their polar buff.

– prendras sleeveless base layer, howies merino long sleeve base layer, merino cycling jersey, commuting jacket

– merino skullcap for under helmet

i think that’s about it. generally, i’d recommend the above items wholeheartedly. they’ve been tested over at least 2 or 3 winters. when they wear out i buy the same again. it keeps me riding in all weathers.

2 thoughts on “Cycling Clothing for Cold Weather

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  1. Mine is LE COL arcus roubaix bib bottoms, le col merino base layer long sleeve, arcus winter jacket, sidi gortex boots, capitello long arcylic socks, silk glove liners with 7mm neoprene windsurfiung gloves le col arcus winter hat under catlike helmet…………………..warm as toastie for 3 hours of commuting……….across somerset levels ;@) trouble is you need 5 sets of le col kit which gets a tad expensive if you wanted to keep frineds at work!

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