Rest Days

After a couple of days of doing a total kimmage (he was overtaken by a  fully laden cyclotourist on the galibier whilst racing the Tour De France, it’s safe to say he had the mother of all bonks), i opted to have a day off yesterday. i think a few things conspired against me; the common cold, general fatigue, and a forgetfulness when it came to the likely after-effects of the first race of the season on my legs and lungs.

today i got back on the bike and felt great. i still have the vestiges of the cold rattling around my nasal cavities, but it isn’t anything in particular to speak of. i rode quickly up belmont and then did a 25 mile variable paced effort on the way home, riding hard on the hills and recovering to a certain extent on the flat. i feel like the week hasn’t been a total write-off and i can look forward (if possible) to the start of the hardriders the following weekend.

this weekend sees the second race of the season, the Severn 25 which takes in the graveyard and then throws in two short and nasty loops to make up the distance. graham douchebag will be riding. it’s a short hop for him in comparison to his usual 978 mile treks to wales and back in 24 hours. or whatever else these crazed audax types get up to.

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  1. hey dont knock us audax boys we keep carradice seamstresses in work! Glad you feel better but continue to take it easy let you rbody recover from the cold………Rolla……Rolla…..Rolla…….keep a rolla’ing along xxx

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