Jelly Legs

i’m not sure if it’s related to last week’s ride through the arctic steppes of lyneham bank, but i’ve had a really wobbly training week this week. i felt ok on monday, but since then my legs have been rubbish, so i haven’t been able to do my usual interval session. i would do one tomorrow but it’s getting close to the next race day, generally it’s best not to a painful race type effort within 48 hours. having said that, last year i regularly raced on consecutive days so maybe it won’t matter that much. only one way to find out!

i also got the summer bike out last week, but it’s been back away again since. all it’s served to do is enhance the feeling of hard work on the winter bike.

that aside, i have been mostly researching for my project and watching bike racing on the terrorbox. the advent of the cycling season also means one thing: timbersports. it seems to invariably follow the coverage of the ASO races and i’m now pretty much hooked on this esoteric event. i’m not the only one either….










suffice to say, you don’t know what you’re missing. tired of timbersports, tired of life.

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  1. I am in the same boat mate. My body cant get over last weekend and its all I can do just to turn the pedals. I have 3×25 at around 25 mile pace planned for tomorrow. Not sure if I will make it

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