Bespoked Bristol 2012

This weekend is the second ‘Bespoked Bristol’ bike show. It’s a trade fair of sorts aimed at showcasing artisan and hand-made bike things. I went along with Steve and Belle, breathing in the beautiful spring sunshine and gazing longingly at the plethora of nice things on display.

The wooden bikes were very noticeable in amongst a sea of steel and aluminium and a palpable absence of carbon fibre. the one below was designed and built by flat frame systems. 

there were a number of wooden bikes on display.
who 'wood' have thunk it?

Amongst the more traditional and established frame builders were Mercian, Condor, Brian Rourke and Reynolds tubing.Suffice to say, there was some high-end erotica on show.

the key ingredient
hot lugs
a strange royce go-kart thing
the most blingety item on show by some considerable distance

there were also lots of newer frame-builders and manufacturers, benefiting from the current bike boom and making some eye-catching items.

a folding contraption from 14 bike co. strange finish makes it look and feel like a conti gator skin, which i quite like. thanks to andy for the magazine.
this robin mather randonneur won 'best in show'. it's typically amazing with a serious attention to detail.

it was also grand to see some local businesses and bike people in attendance:

this boikzmoind project was realised by Gavin Strange and FreshTripe.
Il Soigneur - Dene's musettes. i have several; you can never have too many musettes or cycling caps.
Boneshaker Magazine had a stall full of goodies.


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