Touring the World by Bicycle

Some time back i read the first of Ann Mustoe’s books. She was a headteacher in a prestigious school in London. On her retirement she had a Condor Heritage made especially and simply rode off into the sunset. Prior to the journey it’s reported that she couldn’t mend a puncture. Her narrative is inspirational.

Ann Mustoe heads off on her travels with an educational guard of honour

I’d recommend the books to anyone interested in travel, the spirit of adventure and cycling. Ian Hibell is another famed and epic cyclo-traveller. He rode a Freddie Grubb, one of the more evocatively named British framebuilders of the 50s and 60s.

Ian Hibell on the open road

Currently following in their gumwalled tyre tracks are Christina and Hattie. Christina is an erstwhile BSCC member who came out on quite a few winter club runs. Their fantastic blog documents the journey thus far: highly recommended reading and an incentive to get up off the sofa and experience the wider world.

There is something utterly liberating about cyclo-touring and i’m reminded of the mini-tour i did with Graham and Steve last summer; 4 days down and around the Devon and Cornwall wild places. I got to rereading the posts i’d done and was struck by how many amazing, unusual and captivating experiences were crammed into a short space of time.  The world pays heed, things happen, nature obliges and your sense of time changes.

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