Wet Weather Gear for Cycling

It’s been throwing it down now for what seems like 40 days and nights, and there is no promise of a let-up. In the depths of winter i generally cope well with nasty weather, i don the relevant gear and feel smug and snug. In spring or summer it’s a different story; it’s that much warmer so it becomes more tricky to pick the right items that keep you dry but avoid the boil in the bag side-effects.i’ve been using Altura ergofit road overshoes. these are waterproof. however, they are also absolutely pants. the water runs down your calf into your sock and shoe. they are not fit for purpose.

Yesterday was the Classic League; two 5.2mile time trials out at Aust. The weather held on to provide a window to race in. There was a stiff wind coming in off the estuary which did not bode well for a quick evening. I rode the course to have a look and my outlook changed – it was a crosswind which generally favours the brave. It can also really give the disc wheel a push up the road. I rode the first one quite hard, 11.06, which isn’t that far off my PB. For the second one i held back on the way out then just stuck it in the big gear and churned it home, managing a 10.59. It’s the first time i’ve broken the 11 minute barrier on that course. I would really like to ride it on a balmy, floaty evening – there’s one more chance this year before we move to the lake. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Had to wring out my ‘waterproof’ socks this morning upon arrival at work. But getting redressed in soggy gear at home time is the best part of it all.

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