Interclub Time Trial

Last night saw the first interclub time trial of the season, featuring Dursley Road Club, Gloucester City Cycling Club and the Bristol South. I’m mildly surprised the Dursley and Gloucester managed to fit such an event to their hectic schedules, but they clearly found a window in amongst a relentless timetable of cheese-rolling, cotswold-gambolling, clog-dancing and incest. The weather held off for the duration of the event, despite threatening to give thunder and all sorts.

There were 48 riders, a healthy field and more than many open time trials, with a full range of abilities and bicycles on show. I turned up very early so went for a gentle warm-up. the rest of the time i chewed the cud with the other early people and the organisers. I had a feeling that i was due a good ride so opted for a busy warm up and decided to really give it some welly. In the event, i didn’t give it too much welly, i held the welly back a bit on the outward leg (as i have been trying to do of late) before putting the hammer down on the way back, especially once i’d crested the mighty col de gossington bridge.

I was chasing the win and the club were chasing the overall. Points were based on your best ten riders. We took 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 10th. Ed Trotman and Tim Wilkey rode pretty darn quickly and are making really rapid progress, as is Sam Larkham. i was quite pleased with my ride, turning in a 21.30, not far off my PB for the course and a whopping 40 seconds ahead of the second placed rider. i feel like i’m getting back into the swing of things a little bit. I’m fairly sure the Club took the win, but am waiting for official confirmation. It was a great event, friendly and open to all, with several first-timers lined up at the start which is always good to see.

a great event
one of the BSCC first-timers getting in the zone
Club member debrief and new bike ogle
Simon Williams shows his brute strength by towing a truck around the graveyard. Monstrous.

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    1. there are local evening time trials all over the place… i can recommend the BSCC Wednesday evening ‘Circuit of Chew Valley Lake’. Full details are on the website, but essentially turn up at 6pm by the parking area at Chew Valley Lake (not the cafe one, the other one) with £3 and then join in the fun! No membership needed.

    1. i’ll have you knnow that no photo shopping was involved! Simon Williams is in fact a very strong man!

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